There are many children in Thailand who lack opportunities for self-improvement and are unable to escape from poverty, cultural and political conflicts. Many of these children are orphans and do not have undocumented identity.

AmeriSeed staff have been visiting “Ban Kae Noi”, a school and place of hope and care for Northern Thai orphans near The Myanmar Border, to help 60 children aged 3 to 15 so they can call the school their home. Every year the number of children attending the school grows.

"We at Ameriseed are trying to help “Ban Kae Noi” become a place of opportunity for these children," seas Beam of Ameriseed. 

Living on a remote mountain without basic infrastructure, these children are only able to manage their daily lives by growing their own food and relying on clothing donated by local neighbors.

AmeriSeed has been helping Ban Kae Noi since 2019 providing the children with clothing, school and household materials, and gifts. We teach them how to sow seeds and grow food.

On 24-Dec-2020, a group of AmeriSeed staff will visit these children.

"We need to find groups of people to help AmeriSeed support Ban Kae Noi’s basic needs." 

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