"The schlumbergera season was smooth and good, and that's positive," says Torben Ryg, Sales Manager at Rosa Danica. This Danish potted rose grower supplies European countries with 6,9,12 and 14 cm schlumbergeras (Christmas cactus) from October till Christmas. "Our aim is always to be sold out before Christmas and, with just a few trolleys remaining, we did this year."

Birgitte Toustrup Andersen, Torben Moth Madsen and Torben Ryg of Rosa Danica at the IPM Essen 2019.

More 11,5 and 12 cm pots
Over the years, Torben has seen the demand for schlumbergeras in the 9cm pot sizes decreasing. "On top of that, it is becoming more and more of a discount product. The market - particularly retailers - requires a high number for low prices. We cannot offer them for these prices because of the effort we put in the cultivation process to achieve our desired quality." For this reason, we have noticed a little increase amounts in the 11 till 13cm, and a little decrease in 9cm.

Smooth and good season
Germany is the main market for Rosa Danica's schlumbergeras, followed by the UK and France. When looking back at this year's season, it has been a positive one. According to Torben it has been smooth and good. "The preparations went well and the orders were on time." He is also positive about the demand. "We mainly sell direct and sales were pleasing. I'm not sure if there was a shortage of Christmas plants on the market, but from all colleagues in the industry, I've heard they have had a good season."

What about the pot roses?
Not the end of the year, but Spring is the main season for pot roses, Ryg explains, and this season – with the lock down in March – it has been like a rollercoaster. "In March, we had to throw away a lot of our pot roses, but fortunately, we were able to cut some of our roses back and we managed to rent some squaremeters nearby, for these plants." Fortunately, the market picked up by Mother's Day, enabling Rosa Danica to sell all their roses through the summer.   

The final Schlumbergeras will be auctioned and then it is time to prepare for the pot rose season again. The end of week 6 and the beginning of week 5, we will receive our Valentine's orders, then Women's Day will follow, the Spring season in general and of course all Mother's Days. And when looking at 2021, Ryg's hopes are high. 

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