Over the last 30 years, Taiwan's total production area of flowers and plants increased 10 times and was 14,374 in 2019. The majority of the flowers and plants are being exported with the orchid being the absolute number one. 80% of the exports belong to ochid. In this article more information on the export numbers of the Taiwan flower and plant industry, offered by the Taiwan Trade Center (TAITRA).

Flower and plant exports
In 2020, the total value of flower and plant exports reached USD 1.95 billion in 2020, which is a slight decrease compared to 2019 and 2018, but more or less similar to 2017. "The reason for this decrease is COVID-19. COVID-19 affected not only Taiwan, but the whole world. Channels (flower shop, supermarkets, etc.) are closed, events are postponed or canceled, shipping costs are crazily high, and lack of logistics manpower all contributed to the severe decrease of flower export value, says Ahby Tseng, the Secretary General of Taiwan Orchid Growers Association. . The main export country (in 2020) was Japan (33.56%), followed by the USA (25.26%), Vietnam (9.02%), the Netherlands (8.49%) and Korea (4.66%).

Main products exported
Several ornamental products are being cultivated in Taiwan and exported, however the orchid takes the absolute first place. 80 percent of the floral products exported are orchids, of which 68.38% is phalaenopsis (USD 1.21 billion in 2020) and 9.39% is Oncidium (UDS 0.150 billion in 2020). Anthurium takes the third place place with 2.840.000 in 2020.

More on the Taiwan phalaenopsis
So, the Taiwan phalaenopsis is an important export product for the coutnry. The government even regard it as Taiwan's key industry. The majority of the Taiwan phalaenopsis is exported as pot flower (nearly 74%), followed by seedling (16%) and cut flower (10%). Interesting to know is that 30 percent of all phalaenopsis seedlings in the word come from Taiwan. The Taiwan phalaenopsis are exported across the world, but mainly go to the USA (38.98%), Japan (27.99) and Vietnam (11.95).

The comeback of the Taiwan anthurium 
The Taiwan anthurium is making a comeback for about four years now. After going drastically down in export value in 2013 (nearly halved), and it further decreased till 2015. Since then, the export value increased slightly again (to 3,872,000 in 2019), but still much lower than in 2012 (when it was 6,003,00) "The reason for the decrease of Taiwan’s anthurium in Japan market is because of the 311 earthquake (2011). Taiwan’s anthurium export relied too much on Japan’s market, over 90% of the output value Is from Japan. After the 311 earthquake, Japan’s economy gets through a severely economic frustration, therefore, flower market is the first one to get a hit. Since then, Japan’s flower market continues to shrink, explains  Mulder Pan, the Director General of Taiwan Anthurium Industry Development Association. Still, the majority of the Taiwan anthurium goes to Japan (88.87%), followed by Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Guam.

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