Over the last decade, the demand for preserved roses has grown exponentially around the world and particularly last year. “Before the pandemic, there was already a sustained annual growth in demand of approximately 7% per year, but in 2020 it increased sharply, closing the year with an 18% increase.” This is explained by Paul Molina of Naranjo Roses and Commercial Director at Lulu Preserved Roses; their eternal roses brand. They introduced this brand in 2018 and are also seeing this increase in demand and are now participating in all continents. He foresees a good future and is pleased to see that the eternal roses do not compete with fresh flowers.

Pictures from the day that their first preserved rose container was sent to Spain.

The increasing demand for preserved roses
According to Molina, there was already before the pandemic a sustained annual growth in demand of approximately 7% per year in which markets such as the United States, Oceania and Asia were growing a lot. However, in 2020 when the world was forced to stop, this worldwide situation made it difficult for the regular commercialization of fresh flowers to allow this product to receive a marked benefit. “Florists in various parts of the world were completely forced to close their stores, but they were always thinking about possible solutions in order to rise up again. The most affected florists and people in the floral industry saw preserved roses as a viable option in which they would now use dried and preserved flowers as a form of expressing their love and art for roses. Innovation is a word that was reborn and reestablished in many people's lives because now, from their home and throughout e-commerce platforms they were still able to teach, express and show their abilities to the world.”

In turn, B2C platforms in many sectors finally emerged, he says, giving a quantic push to retailers that work with preserved arrangements. “Consumers in the US who were locked up because of the pandemic began to redecorate their homes, began to let their creativity soar, and others would arrive with an arrangement of preserved flowers for their loved ones. The demand increased sharply, closing a year with an approximate 18% growth in demand.”

However, not everything was good news. “Several preserved flower factories were forced to close their production, because after the first scare in March 2020 the uncertainty perhaps led them to make very hasty decisions. Therefore, the supply of preserved flowers was affected.”

The preserved rose brand of Naranjo Roses: Lulu Rose
With 20 years of experience in the international fresh rose market, the Naranjo Roses Group, led by Maryluz Naranjo, started their preserved roses project at the end of 2017. “The official launching date for our most recent brand was in September 2018 where “LULU IS FOREVER” was introduced to the market.”

The challenge of preserved roses
“On itself, the preservation process is undoubtedly a challenge, in addition to all the constantly evolving chemical variables, as well as finding the perfect varieties that suit the process. This is undoubtedly one of the pillars of this beautiful world of preserved flowers.

One of the daily challenges we face at our Lulu facilities is constantly creating new prototypes by our design and projects department, allowing us to constantly innovate and create new and top quality products.”

What makes the range special?
According to Molina, one of their areas of expertise is definitely their range of pastel colors. “Our whole Lulu team are highly qualified and artistic people that create stunning combinations and different designs on our preserved roses. Currently, we have 25 different colors to choose from in our preserved rose line. What also makes this range special is our ability to respond to these tones, which is born precisely in the experience of the professionals who are in charge of our factory.” Click here to see the complete range https://www.luluisforever.com/ 

Preserved rose does not compete with the fresh rose
At the moment, they are experiencing a constant expansion and continuous growth paths, participating in all continents. However, their largest markets are currently the United States and Europe in general. And as years go by, Molina noticed that the preserved rose is not a competitor of the fresh rose. “It has become very clear that preserved flowers do not compete with fresh flowers. Preserved flowers are solely used for decorative purposes because given that they have a noble and versatile look when making arrangements, preserved flowers will definitely continue to grow. Preserved roses are our magical eternal roses which can be a very beneficial type of product for several occasions and situations. The demand for other focal products will continue to take shape, which in turn generates many more tools for designers to take advantage of in their projects.”

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