With a mandate agreed by international convention, AIPH, the International Association of Horticultural Producers has been approving and regulating International Horticultural Expos since 1960.

This conference presents an excellent opportunity to learn more about hosting or being involved with an International Horticultural Expo and to network with expo organizers, city representatives interested in hosting an expo, urban developers, AIPH members, NGOs, international city and environmental organizations and suppliers to major events.

Millions are spent on developing these international spectacles that can stimulate the development of entire cities and transform the international reputation of hosting regions. Each exhibition attracts many international participants and millions of visitors and lasts up to six months, with sites ranging in size from the smallest of 25 hectares to the largest of 500 hectares or more. Every Expo is carefully regulated, steered, and monitored by AIPH.

The period from now until 2027 already includes AIPH approved expos in China, Turkey, Qatar, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Japan. The following Expos will be submitting their progress reports on 19 October.

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