As of September 1st, PerfoTec welcomes Martin van Lier as its Commercial Director. Martin has many years of experience working in a wide range of jobs within the fruit and vegetable sector. He therefore knows the industry inside out. And he knows how important it is to extend fresh fruit and vegetables' shelf lives. With his knowledge and skills, Martin will take PerfoTec, an innovative Dutch company, to the next level.

PerfoTec is well-known for its fruit and vegetables' shelf life extension technology. But, these days, the company and some of its partners are also developing other films. These can be used for transportation, storage, and retail packaging. "The development of a new type of film is currently in full swing," says Bas Groeneweg, PerfoTec's CEO.

"With this, PerfoTec wants to distinguish itself even more. We want to offer a total solution for existing but also new markets. Martin is joining us at exactly the right time. And he's most welcome. He's going to lead us in showcasing our technology's uniqueness. Particularly what it means for all quality, energy, and food losses. But also for reducing CO2 emissions and transportation costs," says Bas.

Martin is looking forward to this new challenge. "It's a wonderful challenge. I can help this organization grow and develop further. In the demand for packaging technology, PerfoTec distinguishes itself in reducing the food chain's carbon footprint and its plastic usage. One way we do this is through our patented thinner films," he explains.

"These are perfectly suited to packaging fruit and vegetables. Another way is through our technological applications. These create the optimal 'breathing climate' in the packaging. Thus, guaranteeing the fresh fruit and vegetables' quality for longer and better. That also contributes substantially to reducing food waste."

“PerfoTec made a great animation, specially for me. It explains exactly what a PerfoTec LinerBag does. And how it can extend fresh fruit and vegetables' shelf lives. All this is laid out in a straightforward way," jokes Martin. The video is real; you can see it here.

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