Flores El Capiro is very proud to receive the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) qualification. The qualification AEO is an international customs control initiative, whose essential pillars are agile, transparent, and secure trade.

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a global accreditation granted by the World Customs Organization (WCO) whose main objective is to ensure agile, transparent, and secure trade. In Colombia, it is granted by the DIAN and the companies that obtain it are classified as safe and reliable trade operators throughout their international supply chain. Being AEO allows businessmen to have several benefits in their foreign trade operations, among them, to comply with high-security standards, which allows them to speed up trade procedures before the control authorities of several countries and is a good way to increase the confidence of their customers. 

The first thing to mention is that not having this security standard may create barriers to other agents that are accredited, so companies should make efforts to access certifications such as these, which provide international recognition. In that order of ideas, the right time to be accredited as AEO is when an organization determines that it complies with all the security requirements established by the DIAN and has a satisfactory track record in terms of customs and tax obligations. Once it has that certainty, it may voluntarily present itself to the DIAN to apply for accreditation.

In addition to the DIAN, the National Police Anti-Narcotics Directorate, the National Institute for Medicine and Food Surveillance INVIMA, and the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA, among other authorities, participate in the accreditation process. "At Capiro, we are very proud of achieving the work being done by our company in favor of agile, transparent, and secure trade,"  the company announces.

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