"Our main crop is the Helleborus, which we produce in different colors and pot sizes", tells Frank Bosch, in Veiling Rhein-Maas's article, about his business, which he has been running since 1997. On 25,000 m² of greenhouse and 6 hectares of open field, different types of potted plants are cultivated in Geldern-Pont (DE).

Great variety of products
The Helleborus flowers from autumn till spring and are completely hardy. As an evergreen plant, the Helleborus is also in the summer a beautiful component in the flowerbed. The soil is fertilized so that the end customer can enjoy the plant for a long time. The dominant shade is white, but also shades of pink and red are increasing in demand. In addition to Helleborus, Primroses, Bellis, bedding, and balcony plants are cultivated in spring, followed by summer perennials and Helianthus, and Chrysanthemums in autumn.

Self-generated energy
The used energy at Gartenbau Frank Bosch is mainly self-produced by several block-type thermal power stations with a good efficiency rate. Sustainability is an important topic at Gartenbau Frank Bosch. Hence, for example, recyclable pots and water pallets are used, and the plant protection is supported with beneficial insects.

Latest product photos
Frank Bosch attaches great importance to daily updated product photos, which he can easily create with the help of an app. "What I appreciate about Veiling Rhein-Maas is the daily product presentation. We take our product photos ourselves so that the customers at Remote Buying can also inspect our current products", he explains. "In addition, small and large customers can be supplied with fresh products on a daily basis. We are very satisfied with Veiling Rhein-Maas."

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