Biotecture announces that three of their projects have secured recognition in this year’s plants@work awards. Their maintenance teams are a vital part of their commitment, and thus "we are proud to have been awarded Gold Leaf Awards for maintenance work at St Luke’s Hospital, Oxford, and the Ashford Design Outlet in Kent. The third plants@work award – Good Will Leaf Award – for our work at the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London, is another win," the company announces.

For the project at NHS Nightingale Hospital, which won the Good Will Leaf Award, they made a Biotecture living wall at the ExCel Centre in London, which transformed the look and feel of the temporary staff area, and as one NHS staff member said: “It’s just gorgeous, it makes such a difference. We get stuck indoors and forget about the sun! It will be lovely to sit here and get some fresh air.”

The award is not just for Biotecture, it represents the power of collaboration and teamwork with all the local businesses and individuals who donated goods and gave up their time alongside their team to achieve something astonishing in such a tight timeframe.

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