“These trials are an opportunity for us to test our varieties in different climates. This provides us with important information, which we take into consideration concerning improvements and new introductions,” says Héloïse Morel, research and communication project officer of French cyclamen breeder Morel Diffusion. During Morel’s visit to the Dutch location, she kindly gave FloralDaily a tour among the colorful varieties.

“Research is an important aspect for us, as we always want to improve our varieties, as well as create new and unique introductions. The experimental varieties are tested under different climates, and when they are validated by the team (research, commercial, technical advisors) in the southern and northern climates, then we decide whether to put it in pre-commercial introduction or not. Therefore, these annual trials provide us with an opportunity to evaluate performances, and show our newest varieties to our customers.”

Céline Pesteil and Violaine Vanpouille, breeders at Morel, with the new fragrant variety Victoria ABSOLU de Morel, a variety that they created. They were at the location to do research on the performances, in order to improve the future varieties.

“A successful trial year already”
Every year during this time, Morel organizes production trials in the Netherlands, after which the outdoor trials in France will occur. Last week, the Dutch trials took off on October 26 and a colorful sea of cyclamen varieties attracted visitors to their trial location Preesman Potplanten in 's-Gravendeel. "Every country has its own preferences, so the trials are a great opportunity to show what we have and what we are working on. This year’s Dutch edition has been especially successful already, as many people could not visit last year and are eager to attend now." The trials in the Netherlands will last until November 5 and the trials in Fréjus, France, will occur between November 8-12 and November 15-19. 

Héloïse Morel

Morel’s technical advisors, Luigi Vasarri for Italy and Eric Forshelen for The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. “Together with Johan Huisman and Joan Vergès, the technical advisors manage culture, feeding, watering, and precocity of the Cyclamen, to have the best possible quality to show the customers at the trials.”

Thirteen new introductions
At the trials, the varieties are organized from their smallest to largest series: Smartiz (smallest), Metis, Tianis, Midi+, Latinia, and Halios (largest). Among these, thirteen new varieties are included. “One of our exciting pre-commercial new launches is the Victoria Absolu de Morel, which is a unique variety for the European market. It is a mini Victoria cyclamen, which has a special shape and unique coloring. Moreover, it is the first Victoria to be fragrant.”

The varieties organized according to size.

Victoria ABSOLU de Morel

“When looking around our varieties at the trials, it definitely becomes apparent that red is an important color for the market. That is why we continue to introduce new reds to our assortment. This year, we have our new Halios Scarlet red evolution, which is a significant improvement for this color. The color lasts a long time, and it is tolerant against Botrytis. We are also introducing the Halios Decora Red silverleaf evolution, which is improving our 2210 Red silverleaf, with brighter colors and more abundant flowers.”

Halios Scarlet Red Evolution

Halios Decora Red silverleaf  

The new Metis Edge mix, consisting of Salmon, Bright purple, and Magenta. “These varieties have intense colors enhanced by a fine white edge, and improved growth and size uniformity.”

The new Midi+ Rose with eye. “This is a new complementary color that will brighten up the Midi+ series.”

“We also put some color combinations together to give our customers some ideas.” These are the Midi+ Duos.

The new Halios 2053 Salmon rose evolution, an improvement of the 2051 Salmon rose, with rounder and flatter petals.

“Different markets have different tastes. This is a mélange made especially for Dutch preferences.”

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