While the last day of the IFTF may have started off a bit slower than the first two days, attendance started to pick up later in the day. When talking to the exhibitors, the majority was very pleased with the outcome of this year's edition.

Lots of business meetings have been taking place these past three days, hopefully resulting in new customers and partnerships. Of course, it was also a great opportunity for companies to finally show the new products they have been working on these past two years in person.

From machines and robots to glitter roses and preserved flowers, there was a variety of products for everyone to enjoy. While the exhibition may not have been as extensive as it has been in previous years, the exhibitors can still call it a successful edition.

On Monday, we will publish a full photo report. 

Decock Plants: Benoit Decock and Maxim Decock 

Pagter: Jurgen Vermeulen and Corina de Pagter

Javier Lomas showing their Sigrow's products that can measure whether the stomata of the plants are open, giving you more information on water loss and growth

Lock: Tobias Fluhr and Koos Maat

The Verdissimo team presented their new line of 100% sustainable packaging at the IFTF