Discover how to take amazing horticultural-focused content by yourself, simply with the smartphone camera you already have in your pocket. 

Join marketing guru Catherine Hills from Brass Bee Marketing and photography expert Jonathan Ward from Ginger Horticulture for a day of learning at Provender Nurseries. Both are experienced in the world of horticulture and garden design, but more importantly, they are small business owners themselves. Therefore, Catherine and Jonathan understand the unique struggles you might be facing when trying to promote your business. They will be on hand to help you improve your photography skills, increase engagement on social media, and ultimately get the customers you deserve. 

  • Learn about your smartphone camera, its settings, and features
  • Discover how to take professional-looking photographs on your smartphone
  • Understand why social media and digital marketing can benefit your business
  • Learn how to ensure that your social media posts reach the most people
  • Get to grips with using a social media calendar
  • Learn how to come up with fresh, new content ideas
  • Find out what hashtags are really all about

Click here to book the event for Friday 19th November 10:00 to 16:00 

Tickets cost £160 per person 

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