“The main purpose of our organization does not go to the marketing, but to the technological innovations and to the direction of biological recycling,” explains Alexey Zdrok, Chief Development Officer of Vista Pack. The Polish company produces packaging for flower bouquets. The different types of papers and films are produced in their enterprises in Poland and are exported to different countries across Europe. Zdrok explains that the demand for their products has been strongly increasing over the years, as there is more interest for colorful bouquet packaging. “And while other big companies rely on the marketing to increase sales, our company makes efforts concerning the technology and production of innovative materials.” While their focus is on increasing the amount of recycled materials, they also want to make their products more accessible to more people.

The Vista team at IFTF 2021. From left to right: Artur Tamulionis, Evgenij Gutkovich, Tarik Cherkaoui. 

Competitive products
According to Zdrok, the demand for their floral packaging has been increasing over the year, something that the pandemic contributed to as well. “It has been a good couple of years for our company. We do not only want to succeed in the local markets, we want to do well in the Asian and American markets as well. Therefore, we are trying to expand our team of country representatives, so that we can get a better understanding of what each market’s needs are and what the suitable prices would be. While our quality remains high, each market is different and we are trying to take that into consideration.”

Recycled materials
Earlier this month at their IFTF stand, the Vista team was asked by several visitors about their recycling. “For our company, this has become an important aspect of our production, and we notice that many of our customers are interested in it. We are trying to make the full switch to having fully recycled materials. And our matte film is recycled but it is quite a slow process, so we are trying to speed this up. In addition, we are using FPO film, which is a biologically recycled product. Our aim is to change all of the chemical elements we use into biologically recycled material. We have experts in Poland who are currently working on how we can realize this goal in the best way. Also, we are very much against cutting down trees as deforestation all over the world has a major impact on the environment, so that is something we take into consideration as well.”

More color
Color-wise, Zdrok explains that their powder and matte films, for example, have been in demand, as they are great options to add more color to the bouquet. “From eggplant colors to Tiffany (blue), interesting colors are popular among our customers.” And interestingly, especially colors related to nature and fruits are popular choices. “These colors will bring our customers into a happy mood, as we have bright, deep, elegant, and fresh colors that are simply inspiring.”

Making recycled products accessible
When it comes to the future, Vista Pack has many plans in the works. “By 2025, we will have 99% of our production be biologically recycled. But first, in 2022, we are setting up another production factory, which will increase our capacity. In addition, we want to utilize Amazon in order to make our products more accessible. We are continually working on the issue of making the market of packaging materials biologically recycled, 100% recycled and available for every customer. When buying our products, customers can be assured that we won’t harm nature, while they can still enjoy the aesthetically pleasing appearance of our products.”

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