A month ago, there was only a steel structure being installed at Hendriks Greenhouses' new facility. Today, the glazing is finished, the facades are being installed, and the greenhouse is almost closing.

Hendriks Greenhouses was founded in 1967 by Andy Sr. and his wife Helen Hendriks. They started with a vision and passion, and, through hard work and perseverance, steadily grew the company into a fixture in the Canadian flower industry. In the late 1980s, Andy Jr and Rick took over the business from their parents and continued to expand and grow based on the principles they had learned from their parents. The company has become one of the market leaders in the floriculture industry.

This year, they are expanding with a new 1.3 ha greenhouse for potted plants. The new project will simultaneously create the space to streamline production and maximize overall efficiency.

The project is realized by Dutch company Havecon. It has been 5 years since Andrew Hendriks and Havecon did a project together. Following the success of last time, Havecon is now building the  13000 m² greenhouse for Hendri's Greenhouses. 

Groundwork started in summer

The rain stopped nobodyThere is a greenhouse!

Ever-changing flower market
"Hendriks is known for quality, integrity, and the ability to move quickly in the ever-changing flower market. Andrew Hendriks Jr and his team are the proud growers of retail pot plants, focusing on design, quality, and execution," the team with Havecon says. "They design indoor gardens and grow plants and flowers for the consumer market and retailers." 

According to the Havecon team, the new greenhouse will not only help the Hendriks team meet their growing needs, but Hendriks' newest greenhouse will also be one of the most modern greenhouses for the flower industry in Ontario, Canada.

Building has started in late summer, and earlier this month, glazing was finished. The first plants will be in production by March 2022.

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