Star® Roses and Plants' Pretty Polly® Pink won a Regional Choice Award in four regions from the 2022 American Garden Rose Selections™ (AGRS) testing program. AGRS™ recognizes roses that are easy to care for, disease-resistant and suitable for different regions of the country.

Pretty Polly Pink was a Regional Choice Award Winner in four regions: Northeast, Northwest, South Central and Southeast. "This pink, Polyantha Rose has very good disease resistance and exceptional flowering from spring through fall. It is attractively compact in the landscape. It grows 2 ½’ h x 3’ w and performs best in zones 4-10," the company team explains.

All roses entered into the AGRS are tested for two years in six different geographical regions, each containing two test gardens. Additional characteristics that are evaluated include: vigor, foliage proportion, plant habit, flowering effect, rebloom habit, bloom form, aging quality of blooms, fragrance, and hardiness. In order for a variety to be granted an award, it must average at least 80 out of 100 points in at least three regions.

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