His colleagues all agree -  the Bom Group's Koos van Schie is a true greenhouse construction guru. From Russia to America and China to Hungary - Koos has built greenhouses everywhere (more than once).

He experienced many developments in the last four decades. Now, Koos is ready to enjoy his well-earned retirement. He has worked at the Dutch Bom Group for more than 44 years.

The Bom Group would like to sincerely thank Koos for his commitment and loyalty to the company.

But, this is not a final farewell. Koos is not stopping entirely. He will remain on call. And he will pass on his knowledge to the new generation of greenhouse construction gurus.

So, you can still reach Koos if needs be.

For more information:
Koos van Schie
Bom Group
Tel +31 (0) 174 629 441
Emaiĺ: info@bomgroup.nl