Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers have joined forces to create a brand new flower. Conceived around the shared principles of innovation and increased value at retail, the Astronova® is a flower with a unique look and an above-average vase life.

F.l.t.r.: Rafael Mariño, Javier Mesa, Kees Gram, Kami Weimer, Susana Vargas, Paul Schoorl, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Maarten Goos, Annarose Baca, Herbert Jordan, Rob van der Helm and Joost Kos. (Picture has been made taking into account Florida’s COVID-19 restrictions.)

The collaboration that led to the Astronova began two years ago. Inspired by the brightness of the cosmos and the deep, rich pallets of Baroque era paintings, Royal Van Zanten and Queen’s wanted to craft something whose appearance evoked a sense of history and a spirit of exploration. That duality informed every decision along the way. The Astronova is both dark and bright, both science and art, and, most importantly, both Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers.

“This collaboration is key to continuously validating and strengthening the value propositions of Astronova in the marketplace. We feel privileged to be working with The Queen’s Flowers to make it
an overwhelming success.” - Maarten Goos, CEO, Van Zanten Breeding B.V.

"With its striking colors, lush stem, and dynamic shape, the Astronova is a bold step forward. It is distinguished not only by its look and longevity but by its uncommon versatility – it can function equally well as a focal, standalone flower or as part of a bouquet. This was part of the mission as well, to offer consumers something they would not only want to purchase but that would spark their own

“There are many beautiful flowers on the market – we wanted to work with Royal Van Zanten to craft something that would not only be eye-catching but would engage customers on a deeper, artistic level
and perhaps inspire new ways of seeing.” - Herbert Jordan, CEO, Queen’s Flowers.

Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers have accomplished something together that neither would have never been able to do alone. This is a watershed moment for both companies and for the industry at large, as it exemplifies new possibilities in terms of product and process. It is thrilling to finally be sharing the Astronova with the world, but our work is far from over

More colors to come in the near future. "We are just getting started…"
Astronova® is a patent pending product and will be available for purchase in the US starting in February 2022.

About The Queen’s Flowers
With farms located in the high altitude microclimates of Bogotá Savanna and Rionegro, Colombia, The Queen’s Flowers is ideally situated to grow flowers year round and experiment with new genetic
combinations. For over 40 years Queen’s has been an industry leader, establishing over 500 varieties through their Benchmark Growers brand.

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