This week, till August 12, tree nursery and plant trading company Lüers GmbH & Co.KG is holding their open house during the famous nursery tour of the German Northwest called Oldenburger Vielfalt. The dates are from Monday, August 8, until Friday, August 12, 2022. The nursery is located in the village of Westerstederfeld, part of the county seat of Westerstede.

"Like in the last years, visitors will receive a nursery tour highlighting the production on 45 ha. One of the highlights will be the tour to the heather production fields just at the beginning of the actual sales season. 1.6 Mio."

"Calluna plants wait to be sold. This year will be unique because the nursery is in the transition from changing from the Gardengirls® brand to the Beauty Ladies®' genetics. Both groups will stand side by side to make comparisons much easier. This is the only year in this constellation. In 2023, Lüers will change completely over to Beauty Ladies."

"Interesting to see are also the beds with Daboecia cantabrica (Irish Bell Heather) from both breeding groups as well as a preview of the Beauty Seasons® Erica carnea varieties."

A new product for Lüers is just in the test phase – completely without peat produced Hebe x andersonii All Blooms. Just discover the second set of this beauty from New Zealand.

Don't forget the core business of Lüers, the production of hedge plants under the Heckenprofi® brand name, Bamboo Fargesia, and the comprehensive assortment of grass varieties. Last year, Lüers won the prestigious TASPO award for the Stadt Ernte program featuring compact growing fruit and vegetable crops. This concept will be expanded constantly, this year with tree cabbage, fig-trees, and sweet potatoes. New is the marketing for Fruchtbar® (Fruitful) and Furchtbar Fruchtbar® (horrible fruity) for red-fleshed fruits. The concept consists of biological tree production as well as old and historical varieties.

The Lüers families and the entire sales team are looking forward to welcome everyone.

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