Near the Birmingham border, in the shadows of Lickey Hills, Darren Share shows an array of flowers growing in the blistering heat. It is busy with color and life. There are begonias in every shade in crates, petunias, and verbenas competing for best in the show.

“Everything here is useful,” says Mr. Share, assistant director of Street Scene at Birmingham city council.

“I didn’t realize how popular our flowers would be during the Commonwealth Games.” Popular is certainly underselling it.

Cofton Nursery, a little-known, council-run nursery in Rednal, is where you will find the horticulturists behind the great displays of flowers across the city center.

The flowers you walk past down Colmore Row, across Centenary Square, and even some of the ‘flower towers’ dotted around Birmingham’s suburbs are all the work of the nursery.

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