"We are very pleased with the feedback on our Bromeliad varieties", said CEO Toine Overgaag of Westerlay Orchids. This Californian orchid grower, located in Carpinteria, started growing bromeliads at the beginning of 2021, by allocating 1 acre of greenhouse space for the cultivation of this crop and by growing varieties that are not yet widely available in the North American market, in a slightly larger pot size (5").

Toine Overgaag

“It feels like the market wants something new and fresh and we are able to provide that,” continued CEO Toine Overgaag, thus confirming how bromeliads have resulted to be an ideal investment for Westerlay. These tropical plants, both flowering and non-flowering varieties, grow and are shipped within the same conditions of phalaenopsis.   

“We feel that the market can absolutely take more of our bromeliads and we are actively looking for extra space,” continued Toine Overgaag, at the head of the company since 2009. “While 1 acre seems to be a good scale to refine our growing process, we would still like to increase the production, but first we need to find more space, as we don’t want to decrease orchid production either.”   

The company has maintained its goal to triple growth in crop size and has been monitoring the cultivation trend of the crop. “Our biggest challenge has been sourcing young plants. The production of starter bromeliads and the ramping up production, especially for our newer varieties, has been slower than we anticipated.”  

Westerlay produces over 4 million orchids a year over 18 acres and is dedicated to refining sustainable growing practices by recapturing and reusing irrigation water, large scale solar power, and carbon offsetting. It reaches markets located in the West US.

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