According to an article on, with 32.6% of Spain in a situation of 'prolonged drought,' experts estimate that losses in the agricultural sector will be close to 10 billion euros.

Hugo Morán, Secretary of State for Environment, said that forecasts for the coming years indicate that Spain will reduce its water resources by 25-40%, which "makes it necessary to take planning decisions differently" and reduce demand.

Some municipalities across Spain are already starting water restrictions. The president of the umbrella organization for agricultural irrigation (Fenacore) has made a statement defending his sector. Mr. Andrés del Campo stated that 'no place in Spain is suffering water restrictions because of irrigated crops,' as the legislation clearly establishes the priority of use always for urban supply.

Spain is the leading exporter of fruit and vegetables in the EU and one of the top three exporters worldwide, together with China and the US. The main exported produce need adequate irrigation for their correct growth.