Future-proof seed treatments and treated seeds are a hot topic; what is currently being researched, and which new regulations are in the wings? The proposed European regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products, the draft guidance document on the treatment of seeds and treated seeds, the new biostimulant legislation, and the Dutch 2030 Plant Protection Vision pose a lot of challenges for the agricultural and horticultural, and not least for the seed world!

It raises questions, such as what plant protection products can we still use on seed and in seed production, both now and in the future? What research and practical testing regarding new solutions are underway, and which options are available? How were regulations changed, and what can we expect?

In this symposium, Euroseeds highlights developments in European legislation and regulations concerning seed treatment and treated seeds. Additional information from the perspective of the Netherlands will be given about the national method for labeling treated seeds.

Artemis gives you an update on the current legislation and regulations regarding biostimulants and plant protection products and the research and pilots in which the association is participating. In addition, Plantum shares information about its seed-related actions within the 2030 Implementation Program. We like to welcome you to this informative symposium, where we can also exchange ideas about future-proof treated seeds. Reserve the date now: 13:30 to 15:00 on 29 September. You can register via this link.

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