It resembled a week from a disaster scenario. Last Monday, a blazing fire partly destroyed the commercial space of P. Nelis & zoon. Luckily, a large share of the storage cells and the stock of bulbs was saved from the flames. On Saturday, September 17, the company was up and running again, and the orders of bulbs were being sent out for delivery. 

On September 12, employees of P. Nelis & zoon were shocked to notice signs of smoke in the packing halls. As a precautionary measure, the cells and machines were turned off, and emergency services were called. The fire brigade arrived promptly and immediately started searching for the source. But where there was smoke, there also turned out to be fire. Very quickly, part of the processing area was burning.

Bold action taken by the first responders and in consultation with P. Nelis enabled a large part of the company to be saved. The fire brigade created a corridor when the fire reached the processing area, which isolated and saved the office and most of the storage cells with their large stock of bulbs.

All the parties involved rolled up their sleeves to start salvaging the remains. Through this optimal and greatly appreciated collaboration, P. Nelis could start operating again at the weekend. Meanwhile, the management is still looking for solutions for the lost stock and processing area.

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