Tillandsia is a major category of ornamental pineapples that have become very popular in recent years as a novelty and niche variety. At the 20th China Greenhouse Industry Conference, Tillandsia can be seen everywhere. According to Deng Pu, Sales Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Deroose & ExoticPlant Group, "In this Conference, our newly introduced varieties 'Samantha' and 'Liuyejuan' are one of the decorations in the venue, brightening up the venue. These two varieties are large in size, and only one plant can be presented on the table decently. They are also resistant to transportation, clean and tidy, which can bring a completely different visual experience from conventional flowers. We received a lot of comments at the conference site. Everyone is curious about this "flower" that can be grown without soil. "

"The theme of the conference is "Sharing, Creating the Future," which has a natural fit with Tillandsia. From the perspective of "sharing," the greenhouse conference emphasizes technology sharing, resource information sharing. As a "new product" in the home gardening market, Tillandsia also has a "sharing" rather than "competitive" relationship with other ornamental plants. For example, the Tillandsia can be separated from the potting soil and grow in the air, which is equivalent to expanding the decorative dimension and does not occupy the only existing decorative space on the balcony or desktop. "

From the perspective of "creating the future," the greenhouse industry is now also emphasizing energy conservation and environmental protection, low maintenance, and high utilization rate. Tillandsia is a typical representative of "lazy plants," which is "lazy" than succulent plants. Tillandsia is easy to maintain, and they can live by spraying water and hanging. They are truly a typical representative of low-maintenance varieties in the home-gardening market. They can bring consumers a good experience and have huge market potential.

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