Dulux has just announced its Colour of the Year for 2023 – and it’s a sharp turn away from the color choices of previous years Next year’s shade is Wild Wonder, which Dulux describes as ‘a positive, glowing tone, inspired by the natural world’.

But what’s so natural about beige? When you think of the natural world, many colors come to mind – the green shades of various foliage, sky blue, and sunny yellow to represent the pistils of many flowering plants – but probably not beige.

Trend predictions in the world of color can translate into a theme for your garden, or an area of it. In 2023, beige is going to be big, so Mr. Plant Geek has already put together a list of flowers that match this trend. 

Hybrid tea roses: Rose ‘Buff Beauty’ is aptly named – that nude shade really makes it look like it’s in the buff! But color aside, it’s a good garden performer, flowering from May to October, and gives off a delightfully delicate fragrance.

Chrysanthemums: Mums come in all sorts of colors. But the best beige varieties include ‘Mocha’, ‘Misty Cream’ and ‘Squires Lock’. Different varieties of chrysanthemums have different requirements, so if you’re new to growing this plant, make sure to research your varieties to find out which is best for your garden.

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