The dollar is rapidly gaining value against the most important currencies, including the euro, which is at its lowest level in 20 years. Dutch exporters are noticing this.

"The current dollar exchange rate supports exports to North America and the Middle East where almost everything is done in dollars," says New Green's Leon Bol.

Yet, according to this exporter, the exchange rate is only one piece of the puzzle. "Not all that glitters is gold."

"If you consider things like increased product prices, air freight availability and rates, and increased local production in North America, the situation isn't all positive," Leon explains. "But of course, it benefits us, rather than the exchange rate being the other way around."

"It also results in increased exports, mainly of greenhouse vegetables. We're doing almost double volumes to North America, and export statistics show our competitors are doing more too. However, total export volumes from the Netherlands to North America are still nowhere near pre-pandemic levels," concludes Leon.

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