The Iberflora International Exhibition of Plants and Flowers, Landscape Design, Technology and Horticulture, which starts today, brings together more than 450 exhibiting companies, 18% more than the edition above, from a sector that faces 2023 with uncertainty due to rising prices and whose companies have doubled their energy spending.

Recent results have been positive in terms of volume billed, though less so in terms of plants sold, and for the next campaign, there are doubts about the client’s response to higher prices for plants, pots, and peat, according to what the Secretary General said. EFE of the Professional Association of Flowers, Plants and Horticultural Technologies of the Valencian Community, José Forcadell.

This year the sales volume of the campaign (February to June) has been good, and it is already booked for next year, but buyers have not yet been spoken to find out their predictions, which are then confirmed at the fair in Germany in January. “Business expectations are good, but customers need to be talked to,” Forcadell says.

Rising energy prices have affected nurseries, most of which have their own irrigation equipment, doubling their electricity costs. As Forcadell cites the example, “a nursery that paid €2,000 for electricity in August 2021 paid more than €4,000 in the same month this year.”

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