Governor Mike DeWine was in the Valley Wednesday to break ground on a new greenhouse at The Mahoning Valley Campus of Care. The new construction there will provide more opportunities for those with mental health and disability issues.

The greenhouse will be used for therapeutic and growing purposes for all of the residents at the Campus of Care. Flying High Inc., already on campus, will be expanding their services to the new greenhouse.
They already have a kitchen, and they help provide food for valley food desert areas.

"It is very soothing and therapeutic and calming. Allowing them to be part of something that is growing, fresh fruits and vegetables, and then being able to see the results of their work and giving that into the food deserts of the community is a tremendous asset," said Jeff Magada of Flying High.

State leaders say programs like this help keep the residents close to the people who love them most. "We know we have a significant need in that duel diagnose population, and we really want to keep the youth and their families together, and this is one great way to do that," said Lori Criss. Director of Ohio's Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

They've already begun to clear the property to build the new greenhouse, and they expect the project to be finished by January.

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