Due to the reorganization of Gartneriet Tvillingegården, Gartneriet Lundager in Fangel Odense has taken over the part of the company that only relates to the brand Tingdal with associated inventory and production, says grower/owner Ove Lundager.

A transfer agreement has been signed whereby Gartneriet Lundager has taken over this part of the company, the brand Tingdal as of September 28, 2022.

For our customers, this means that our strong brand By Lundager will be strengthened with the great brand Tingdal. The products of the brand Tingdal are still produced at the existing addresses in the newly founded company Tingdal By Lundager. The products will continue to be marketed and sold under the well-known brand. The supplier number 50873 will be retained for orders placed on Danpot, just as Per Christensen will also remain the sales manager for Tingdal products.

From 12/9, the new company will take over all obligations from Gartneriet Tvillingegården for the employees who will continue to work at Tingdal by Lundager, as well as obligations towards suppliers and customers.

"We welcome our new colleagues at Tingdal by Lundager, and we look forward to a good working relationship with all of our employees, customers, and suppliers," says owner Ove Lundager.

For more information: 
Ove Lundager
+45 2041 2405

Michel Teekens
+31 2805 7507