Despite the struggles that many growers encounter this year, GrootGroenPlus can be qualified as a successful event. There were many (international) visitors, exhibitors were happy, and moreover, the field of participants was larger than ever. "With 235 exhibitors, compared to 200 last year, a record was broken. We even had a queue," says the organization through Chantal van Kuyck. Fun fact: "We had more than 1 km of aisle at the show for the first time this year."

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Martin Ramondt of Gebr. Weststrate was at the show promoting their custom field lift trucks and set-up equipment.

Jim Hendrikx, the youngest entrepreneur of the entire show, from Power Plantz with a beautiful Osmanthus Burkwoodii and Eleaegnus Ebbingei. 

Arboriculture, barring a few companies, is primarily an outdoor affair. That offers the obvious advantage that sharply increased heating costs are a less pressing problem. As a result, growers were not overtly pessimistic or even preoccupied with the crisis in greenhouse farming, but concerns do exist. For example, the run on plants experienced in the first Covid year did end, and they are anxiously watching inflation and the impending recession. It is also true that last year growers often had the luxury of being sold out, but that is no longer the case. 

Anton van der Zalm of Armada Breeding went to visit Ronald Hertog. 

Daphne Hooi and Wilbert van Luenen of Wilbert Stek were there with a wide assortment of young plants that, together with good service and a strong price-quality ratio, find their way to customers all over the world.

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