It has recently become possible to work with 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA) on Floriday. Using 2 FA adds a second layer of protection to your Floriday account. This means that, in addition to entering a username and password, you will need to enter a code via your telephone in order to log in. You can use this to increase the security of your Floriday account. As a primary user, you have the choice of activating 2-FA for your co-users.

Criminals are getting more and more adept at hacking into accounts, and it is becoming even easier due to ever faster computers. At Floriday, we want to protect the accounts of our growers and buyers as well as possible to prevent important data from ending up in the wrong hands or erroneous transactions from being made. To make this as secure as possible, we have to move with the times, and this requires ever smarter and better security.

Optional selection by the primary user
2-FA is not automatically activated on Floriday for every user. The choice lies with the primary user within the company. A primary user can specify in their settings menu per user whether 2-FA will be added to the login process or left out.

"2-Factor Authentication on for all our software and systems"
Sander de Flart, ICT Team Leader at Noviflora, activated 2-Factor Authentication for all colleagues working at Floriday. "We put a strong emphasis on security. You don't want to worry about a username and password going elsewhere, to someone who then orders three trucks of merchandise via Floriday. We try to use 2-Factor Authentication for all software and systems as much as possible. This includes logging into the purchasing system, Office 365, etc. Activation ran smoothly within our company. We have created our own quick guide with screenshots on how to configure this. This was then turned on for everyone, and everyone was able to set it up. I want to see this as the standard for the entire sector".

How does it work?
Within Floriday, you can set up 2-FA by using an Authenticator app, such as those from Google or Microsoft. This allows you to easily creative two-factor authentication for a range of online accounts that work with 2-FA. The only thing you have to do is download the Google Authentication app and activate once. After this point, a login code is sent to the app in order to log in.

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