Mast Young Plants has been hosting their “living catalog” trial garden every summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, since 2002. On display in raised beds, patio pots, and combination platers are all of the varieties offered in their young plant catalog

Over the last 20 years, Mast Young Plants’ trial garden has grown from roughly ¾ of an acre to its current footprint of 3 acres that this year displayed over 1500 varieties, 180 new-for-2023 additions, and 500 custom-designed hanging baskets and patio pot combinations. All varieties are sorted by genera and are clearly labeled, offering visitors a unique opportunity to compare size, color, and vigor in order to make informed selections and select the perfect plant for their needs. The trial garden welcomed over 800 visitors in 2022.

Mast Young Plants offers the 2022 Trial Garden Report, a comprehensive publication showcasing top consumer favorites, top garden performers, best of the best, top combinations, Lazzeri trial results, petunia bed vs. container trial results, AAS trial standouts, and more. 

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