That Flower Feeling is a new brand established by CalFlowers Association to increase per-capita floral consumption in the US market.

Launched in January 2022, That Flower Feeling brand and its associated campaign ‘Flowers. Self-care made easy’ has reached over 48 million US consumers, with over 60 million impressions served across numerous social media and digital audio platforms.

“Our campaign has focused on engaging consumers in the 25-39 age bracket across Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Pinterest, as well as Sirius XM Radio, Spotify, and several of the world’s most popular podcasts,” said Executive Director Steve Dionne. “We carefully tracked consumer reactions using gold-standard market analytics and have demonstrated an 8% lift in the all-important ‘intent to purchase’ category”. Dionne estimates that the massive exposure combined with strong consumer engagement has resulted in the potential to expand floral purchases in 2022 by over $200 million USD. The fun, edgy campaign – developed in partnership with marketing agency 180 Amsterdam, has also earned a finalist spot for the Brand Development category for the prestigious Dutch Creativity (ADCN) awards.

The CalFlowers board of directors determined that the most effective way to initiate a national marketing campaign for fresh flowers was to first use its own resources to launch the effort, then validate its effectiveness, and finally encourage the entire floral industry to voluntarily fund ongoing campaign efforts. That Flower Feeling Foundation, a 501c6 non-profit entity, has been established for the sole purpose of collecting funds from the greater industry and dedicating those funds to expanding the Self Care campaign and creating future creative campaigns to continue to expand the market.

“All floral companies, regardless of industry segment or location, should give serious consideration to joining their fellow industry stakeholders in supporting the industry through serious, effective, large-scale, professional marketing. Already over 50 companies have funded the Foundation since its launch at the Fun ‘N Sun convention in August,” said Joost Bongaerts, owner of Florabundance and board member of CalFlowers. 

You can find That Flower Feeling Foundation at booth D5.25.

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