Breederplants share their newly developed concept regarding Prunus Laurocerasus Sofia. During the recent GrootGroenPlus exhibition in Zundert, they launched Filigrow Sofia.

Ronald Laman said, “We have developed a brilliant concept regarding Filigrow Sofia because we feel that this plant has much more potential than we show now. We have a cooperation with a marketing agency to develop this brand in which we will first introduce Sofia!”

“We will enroll this concept in one way to all our growers worldwide. We have already received very enthusiastic reactions from our partners in the United States as well as in Europe”.

Filigrow Sofia is subtle, elegant, and a perfect alternative for boxwood. It is resistant to frosts down to -25°C and heats up to 38°C. It tolerates cutting very well and can be formed into any shape. A very suitable plant for hedges as well.

Choice of name
Breederplants chose the name Filigrow Sofia which relates to filigrane, which refers to its dense, serrated, and narrow leaves. “We can write a million words about Filigrow Sofia. However, we prefer to let the pictures speak.”

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