J.P. Hogewoning Bloemengroothandel took over import-processing company Alkemade International on 1 September.

This takeover formalizes a long-standing trading relationship. The reason for the takeover is the need to further optimize efficiency in the chain. The takeover would also enable both companies to position their core activities more clearly in the sector.

From left to right: John Hogewoning, Maarten Alkemade, Claudia Alkemade, William Hogewoning, Jan Hogewoning, Peter Alkemade

J.P. Hogewoning Bloemengroothandel will concentrate particularly on trading fresh-cut flowers with associated imports. Alkemade International will further specialize in processing and guiding shipments of summer flowers for Klok, Connect and eTrade for foreign growers.

The management and organization of Alkemade International will remain as before the acquisition.

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