From November 18, Berg RoseS, Bernhard Rozen, and Holla Roses will offer their entire auction supply on Online Flower Auction (OFA). From that date, Nini Flowers will also begin auctioning exclusively on that site.

Nini Flowers is well-known to all rose buyers at Dutch auctions and Western European, British, Australian, the U.S., and Japanese retail markets. It is exclusively supplied by two farms, Nini and Lamorna. Both are Kenya Flower Council Silver Award, MPS SQ, MPS GAP, and MPS ETI accredited.

They are also Fair Trade, Global GAP, and GRASP certified. The total production area is being expanded to 60 hectares. They grow more than 15 varieties of roses of various colors. Nini Flowers will start at OFA with their Snowstorm, Moonwalk, Athena, Royal Athena, Pink Athena, Patz, Lovely Jewel, Royal Jewel, and Furiosa varieties.

This supply lets OAF take the next step toward further expanding its auction with different growers and varieties. It also responds to the market request to limit supply places and promote exclusivity. But the auction's ambition does not end here. It will keep working hard on further expanding the auction offer with new growers and varieties.

Paul Holla and Arie van den Berg, OFA's founders, say, "It was time to choose, take steps, and provide clarity. Obviously, it wasn't an easy choice. It's nerve-wracking to bid a familiar, decades-long working method farewell. Nevertheless, we're going for it. We believe in a new way of auctioning: today for tomorrow. Our digital platform accelerates digitization, shortens the chain, and makes the sector more sustainable. With this, we stand for a future-proof auction process."

Over the past few months, OFA did plenty of testing and tweaking its auction system. That gave the aforementioned suppliers enough confidence to soon start auctioning exclusively on OFA. That lets all their customers keep buying their flowers, and they will begin actively approaching buyers who do not yet have access to the OFA platform.

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