Modern Horticultural Science and Technology Industry Demonstration Park in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, aims to focus on research and technology in the flower and seed industry and display the integration of agriculture, culture, and tourism. Taizhou Suzhong Horticulture Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction, and Priva's partner, Jiangsu Chunqiu Agricultural Facilities Co., Ltd., is responsible for the implementation and installation of automatic energy control and irrigation in the greenhouse. The demonstration park has a 210,000-square-meter smart greenhouse, which can provide the most suitable environment for all plants throughout the year. Currently, the daily sales of anthurium are about 3,000 pots, and about 90,000 pots are produced every month.

The project makes full use of the geographical advantage of being close to Taizhou Green Power Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. It introduces the water containing heat through the pipeline, extracts the energy through the water heat pump system to warm the greenhouse, and then sends the cold water back to the continuous circulation, which greatly reduces the cost, energy consumption, and 14,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The project also built a 75-mu rainwater reservoir, which is used for irrigation through biological purification, filtration, and recycling. Using treated rainwater for irrigation is not only conducive to plant growth, but also takes into account the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, and cost saving. It practically applies the concept of circular economy and sustainable development to the field of the modern horticultural industry.

Priva Connext

Priva provided greenhouse automation environmental control and water and fertilizer irrigation solutions for the demonstration park. Priva Connext process control computers offer the horticultural industry's most comprehensive library of control modules developed based on Priva's advanced computer algorithm models and years of experience. The water and fertilizer irrigation management control module is developed and designed based on the concept of a closed-loop water system. All equipment dealing with irrigation can be integrated and controlled by Priva Connext, and irrigation control is carried out through a series of starting conditions, such as light, time, flow, humidity, transpiration, steam differential pressure, liquid return, etc. All start-up conditions can be independently controlled according to 6 time periods of 24 hours.

Priva CO2 Monitor

Priva temperature and humidity measurement box

The sensors in the Priva greenhouse accurately collect the environmental parameters of the greenhouse in real time. Combined with the accurate measurement data of various Priva sensors, it helps greenhouse managers understand the real needs of the plants. According to the climate settings of different varieties of flowers, the greenhouse planting process can be precisely controlled. It provides a suitable and stable growing environment for plants.

Priva NutriJet Fertilizer

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