TerraGrow Liquid’s versatility allows growers to not only treat tissue to enhance plant vigor and boost stress tolerance when used as a foliar spray, but it also establishes beneficial microbes to improve nutrient availability when it’s applied to the soil. TerraGrow Liquid can also benefit seed treatments and cutting and root dips. It can also be integrated into hydroponic systems.

“The greatest benefit greenhouse growers will see from incorporating TerraGrow Liquid in their operations is the product’s versatility,” says Patrick Clark, Technical Product Development Manager for BioSafe Systems. “It is a straightforward specialty blend of beneficial microbial organisms formulated specifically to bolster plant health. It allows growers to implement it in ways that are most convenient for their operations. Growers will see its benefits throughout the production cycle and receive a solid return on investment.”

TerraGrow Liquid, released earlier this year, is not to be confused with TerraGrow, a wettable powder that was released several years ago. But Clark stresses that TerraGrow Liquid is “a completely reformulated product from the top down,” not just dry formula that was turned into a liquid product. It was developed from direct input from greenhouse growers. The product’s components, including soy protein hydrolysate and kelp extract, are known to enhance plant growth.

TerraGrow Liquid can be used on agricultural and horticultural crops, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, hemp, flowering plants, ornamentals, and bedding plants. Like its predecessor, TerraGrow Liquid features five strains of Bacillus species, including Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, and Bacillus megaterium.

“What we see utilizing biologicals, specifically Bacillus, is they offer benefits from bolstering plant health to improving vigor to reducing stress through improving abiotic stress tolerance,” Clark says. “All this equates to a stronger aesthetic, which means everything. More investment into a plant’s infrastructure is going to improve the aesthetics of that plant and create a more uniform and
consistent crop.”

A healthier plant with maximum nutrient availability and improved water uptake requires less overhead to reach its end production, Clark explains, noting that a healthier plant’s susceptibility to disease and abiotic stress is also reduced. TerraGrow Liquid will ensure all of this.

“We’ve created a product that can be used in multiple applications throughout the production cycle to stimulate and bolster the plant from roots through shoots and out to the flowers,” Clark says. “TerraGrow Liquid improves quality, yield, and return on investment. It’s a product that growers will be excited about once they see the plant’s response, and they will see a noticeable difference at the end of the production cycle.

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