Growers want to prevent plant diseases and, therefore, infections of their crops as much as possible. This is because they increasingly cause unwanted failure and yield loss. Taking adequate hygiene measures has therefore become more important than ever.

Royal Brinkman is introducing a new variant of hygiene lock: the CleanGate. It is exclusively designed to meet current market requirements in the battle to keep out viruses, fungi, and bacteria. New features are its multifunctionality; the CleanGate can be used in both walking directions, its smooth construction, reducing dirt and deposits, and its solid construction; the CleanGate's robustness makes escape from the sensor or turnstile impossible.

Importance of company hygiene
Growers are regularly alarmed by crop infections. Prevention of bacteria, fungi, and viruses is better than cure. Steven Timmers, Product Manager Mechanisation at Royal Brinkman: "Hygiene is very important in horticulture. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses spread easily, and as a grower, you want to prevent contamination of the crop. Although disinfecting the greenhouse prevents unwanted diseases and pests, it is important to also take into account any diseases that get in via people, for example. Therefore, a hygiene lock is an indispensable device for growers with strict hygiene standards. What such a sluice must comply with in particular, we obtained from discussions with growers worldwide and our specialists from the HortiHygienz team. I am happy with the result because with the CleanGate, Royal Brinkman adds a unique competitively priced variant to its range."

Multifunctional and solid
The CleanGate hygiene lock disinfects hands and shoe soles at the same time. The lock is designed with the latest insights from seven years of experience in the controlled passage of workers. For complete optimum hygiene, this device is placed in the passage to the production areas. The lock is made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with horizontal brushes that clean both soles of shoes simultaneously in a simple and efficient manner. However, the unique feature of the CleanGate is that it is perfectly symmetrically designed. As a result, the lock can be placed left, right, or back to back.

Thereby, disinfection can take place in both walking directions. "This multifunctionality of the CleanGate fulfills a much-heard wish of growers. It gives growers the flexibility to install or turn the CleanGate at a different location within the farm without any modifications. Moreover, the CleanGate is so solidly designed that long-term use of the device is guaranteed," explains Timmers. Solid in practice means 'unavoidable'. Thus, one has to walk past the sensor to unlock the tourniquet, and it is impossible (thanks to technology from football arenas) to forcefully push the tourniquet through. In addition, the smooth construction of the CleanGate can be additionally fitted with the Royal Brinkman Surface Coating as an option, preventing dirt and deposits from sticking to the hygiene lock.

Market introduction
The CleanGate is available in two variants; the CleanGate hands and the CleanGate total. The CleanGate total is also available as a built-in variant (embedded in the floor). Installation of the first CleanGate hygiene locks at growers will take place from January 2023. With the CleanGate, growers worldwide can count on a multifunctional and solid solution to an essential part of a sophisticated farm hygiene plan.

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