In late July, James Coles Nurseries started work to expand their container trees line at their largest site in Gaddesby. Adding in 7400m of new lines will allow them to grow an additional 2,400no C45 trees and 10,500no C10 trees.

Their Gaddesby site, with its 10 million gallon reservoir, is home to over 1 million container plants, 1.1 million field-grown trees, and a newly expanded range of Air-Pot trees. Being the coldest, most exposed site, this is where the majority of their hardy amenity plants are produced.

Container trees have become a growing interest for those with smaller gardens in urban areas, looking to bring a more natural feel to their inner-city home. Adding characteristics where space is limited with; height, colors, fruits, and flowers.

Top container trees at the nursery are:

  1. Silver Birch
  2. Liquidamber
  3. Flowering Cherries
  4. Rowan trees (of various berry colors)

To manage the demand for container trees, Coles Nurseries have extended their container tree production capacity year on year to ensure clients and their projects are completed on time. Coles prides itself on producing quality nursery stock, supplying the UK market for generations to come.  

“As industry professionals, we are sure you know the benefits of planting more trees, from environmental to ecological, and the list goes on. With more 40-degree summers inbound, we need to act in cooling down the areas in which we live and work. The answer, of course, is found in nature as studies have shown surface temperature reduction by up to 12 degrees in city streets lined with trees”.  

For more information:
British Association of Landscape Industries