From digital transformation to a hybrid reality and back to connecting again at physical events. The past years have been a wild ride! However, at the same time, we kept innovating to be able to present a new 2023 collection. We present not only new products but also new retail concepts to enhance plant sales in stores, Royal van Zanten announces. 

Our latest highlights 
In addition to inspiration, this catalog is packed with an amazing collection of flowering plants such as aster, bouvardia, celosia, pot chrysanthemums, and garden mums. We would like to draw your attention to three of our highlights for 2023.

We present you our new series: Sollinea! The Sollinea concept is developed for the modern generation #plantlovers! Fresh colors and unique shapes that fit the trends, zeitgeist, and needs of a younger audience in the shops.

Get acquainted with our new Celosia concept: 'WILD'! This concept fits the market's need for more sustainable plants and flowers. 'WILD' is the first untamed celosia and doesn't need any growth regulators!


We have not 1, not 2, but 3 new garden mum series for you in 2023:

  • PaX (pronounced as "packs" ): our super compact series.
  • AleXia: our early garden mum family, which allows you to supply plants early in the season without the need for black cloth.
  • Amélie: our late-flowering multiflora family for All Saint's programming in outdoor cultivation. Available in six beautiful bright colors, all with an attractive plant habit.

2023 Trends and concepts
Trendwatchers are seeing opposites coming together in fashion and interior decorating. This creates inclusive and powerful designs. For example, natural yet luxurious or vulnerable yet powerful. The beauty of 'opposites attract' creates an inclusive view of the world, especially for the younger generations such as Gen Z. It's all about adopting and adapting in the broadest sense of these words.

For 2023, we present a color story that is based on natural and earthy hues that create a sense of inclusiveness and harmony. Red and green lend the color pallet an extra expressive touch.

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