At OZ Planten, they dove into the world of the sophisticated Cymbidium. The universally beloved orchid is a self-willed species that is not easy to grow. The plant is already five years old before it is ready for sale. Nursery OrchiDiva knows how to deal with the whims of Cymbidium and has been growing the most beautiful varieties of top-quality for years. Continue reading to find out how Fred and his son Jurgen Besuijen managed to do this.

It runs in the family
OrchiDiva is the largest Cymbidium grower in the Netherlands and produces 450,000 plants per year. The nursery grows no fewer than 160 varieties spread over the 3 locations in Amstelveen. The cultivation process is divided into three periods so that flowering Cymbidiums leave the nursery from August to the end of April.

Jurgen: "Thanks to good communication with our customers and end cu,stomers, I know what is expected and we can tailor the cultivation to the wishes of the customer. That is a process that my father already started and which I am now putting into practice."

5-year plan
Before the plant is ready for sale, the plant has been in the nursery for five years. During that period, the plant stayed in Italy for one year. In this video, Jurgen explains step by step what the cultivation process looks like:

The Cymbidium season has started again, and OrchiDiva is gradually working towards its peak in the spring. From the moment the Christmas tree goes out of the door to the period after Mother's Day, it is the busiest period at the nursery. Every year OrchiDiva has many unique varieties in its range. This year we are looking forward to the 'Snow White,' 'Bird Magic' and 'Los Angeles.' 

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