OZ-Hami is leaving Westland. The company, which resulted from the merger of OZ Export, Hamifleurs, and Van Dam Bloemen and operates under the Dutch Flower Group banner, wants to centralize its logistics activities in its Aalsmeer branch.

A request for advice in this regard has been submitted by OZ-Hami's management to its works council. Employees learned of the plans yesterday. What the move will mean for the 100-plus Westland staff and when it will take place is not yet known. In principle, no jobs will be lost, and everyone will be able to transfer, the company says. Whether this is possible at an individual level or not will also be discussed at that level.

OZ-Hami is convinced that the proposed decision to centralize its logistics operations will provide benefits for its customers and growers through, among other things, a larger available range, a higher service level, and fewer logistical movements.

As soon as more details are known about the decision-making and phasing, this will be announced.