The industry is invited to Cresco, Iowa, on Thursday, December 1, for Plantpeddler Poinsettia Variety Day. In the trial, there are over 160 commercial and pre-release Poinsettia varieties produced under true production protocols and environmental conditions. Poinsettias from all major breeders will be represented in the trial, including Beekenkamp, Dummen Orange, Lazzeri, Rinehart Poinsettias, Selecta One, Suntory, and Syngenta Flowers. Breeder representatives will be present to support their genetics and growers.

Again, this year, the Fantasy Colors Poinsettia Painting Guru, Andrew Lee of Ball Horticulture, will be doing demonstrations on unique and exciting ways to enhance your Poinsettias with paint and glitter.

The Plantpeddler Poinsettia Trial is proven as one of the premier trials in the country and the northernmost trial in the United States. It reflects commercial production under variable Fall conditions of the Upper Midwest. This trial is grown with minimal enhancement with growth regulators to show natural vigor and habit of varieties.

Plantpeddler Poinsettia Variety Day
Thursday, December 1, 2022
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
524 7th St SW, Cresco, IA

For more information:
Stacy Bryant
(800) 827-1654