The new Gaillardia variety SpinTop Mango by Dümmen Orange promises a dazzling summer in more ways than one for both growers and end consumers alike – its large, orange-colored flowers are a fantastic new addition to the existing SpinTop series. Additionally, like the rest of this series, it is very easy to care for from the first day of production to the last flower in the garden.

Compact and well-branching
Growers especially benefit from this series because of its robust, compact plants with a well-branching, upright habit and height of around 20-30 cm. Whether grown individually in 13 cm pots or in pairs in 17-19 cm containers, the SpinTop varieties are sure to create an impact from the moment they hit the shop floor from May to September. The plants develop at a consistent rate and flower in their first year of cultivation. They make the perfect team player in flower beds and borders, forming part of the 'Lovely Landscaping' concept by Dümmen Orange.

Silver Medal for exceptional performance
SpinTop Mango is a prizewinner. In 2022, it won a silver medal in the novelty category at the Dutch trade fair 'Plantarium.' The new variety features vividly colored flowers and excellent growth properties and becomes yet another highlight in this colorful series, which now encompasses six single varieties overall. From yellow to orange and red, the series incorporates several color variants.

One of the yellow variants is SpinTop Red Starburst, whose petals are bright yellow on the outside and red on the inside. SpinTop Red is one of the red varieties, with large single flowers featuring a dark red center, creating a fabulous contrast with its light-to-medium red petals. SpinTop Yellow Touch is one of the two-tone varieties. It has red petals with a slight touch of yellow on the outer edge. The striking flowers of SpinTop Mariachi Copper Sun and SpinTop Orange Halo Improved combine three different colors in one – from dark red centers to red petals with a yellow edge – and come in various petal shapes. Mango is the first SpinTop variety in orange, making it an excellent addition to the assortment.

Popular source of nectar
The SpinTop varieties all absolutely worship the sun, which makes them ideal for sunny balconies and patios, as well as perennial beds and rock gardens. Their enduring beauty catches the eye both individually and in combination with other plants. The series produces an impressively steady stream of uniform flowers from June to October, whether planted in a pot, container, or flower bed.

What's more, each variety provides a source of nectar to numerous insects and is perfect for nature-friendly planting schemes. They're more tolerant to drought than they are to the wet. Another compelling reason to choose the pretty SpinTop varieties – after all, next summer will be here before we know it, and with it, an excellent new insect magnet with fantastic garden performance.

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