Future Plant Trends 2022 was the first in-house exhibition organized by the breeding company MNP/Suntory in Leimuiderbrug, the Netherlands. Let's look back in time to relive together the best moments of Future Plant Trends 2022

Four days full of meetings, discoveries, photos, and new plants to show visitors. The visits were mainly concentrated on the two central days of Tuesday and Wednesday, the busiest by far. "Many groups visited, interested in the new (but also older!) varieties, so there were long and very interesting chats."

"Meeting people in a space dedicated to a show ensures people have enough time to discover all the aspects of a company and get all the information about new plants and availability. Beyond getting down to business, it is always interesting to compare opinions between professionals, especially when you come from different fields of the same industry, like the visitors who dropped by MNP/Suntory during week 45. Product managers, sales managers, growers but also retail managers, European and international. It was a varied panorama of visits that allowed the Leimuiderbrug company to engage with multiple points of view and interests."

Regarding the new plants, Sundaville has a new member, and her name is Double Blush Pink, according to the breeders' world's first double-flowered Mandevilla. "This is a stable variety; it flowers easily with several buds on the same stem and grows vigorously and bushy. One can already find out all about her on the website; www.mnpsuntory.com. For more information, contact one of the plant pioneers at MNP/Suntory. They have availability in small quantities for the moment. The potential success is uncontested."

In the show, there were also the other three youngest introductions: Sundaville Flamingo Pink, Sundaville Gold, and Sundaville Big White.

And as Christmas is less than 40 days away, they also presented their Poinsettias. So space was made for the Princettia Pearl (white), Pink, Hot Pink, Ultra Pink, and the new Princettia Hot Pink Glitter, "a much-needed novelty that is a sight for sore eyes."

Granvia also couldn't be missed, with the new Red and Dark Orange flames. They are perfect for creating cared landscapes pleasing to the eyes. In the 'plant pioneers' opinion, at least one Ganvia variety cannot be missed in the must-haves for next spring.

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