PanAmerican Seed has received a 2023 All-America Selections National Award for its new Premium Sun Coleus Coral Candy – the first seed coleus ever to win this coveted designation! Coral Candy is a showstopper filled with modern color and bold patterns that appeals to today’s garden style. It takes center stage in landscapes or containers with reliable performance in full sun or high relative humidity.

The thin, serrated leaves bring a new look to PanAmerican Seed’s Premium Sun Coleus collection. The plant is mounded with a height of 10-16 in./25-41cm and features long-lasting color, which judges noted in their trials evaluations, saying they experienced “only minor fading when in full sun.”

Other judges gave Coral Candy high marks for its tidy plant habit: “Leaves are vibrant on a very tight, densely leaved plant,” says one judge. “Very nice habit, excellent color, very full, robust, and rounded,” says another judge.

Trial evaluators also appreciated the versatility of this plant in both in-ground plantings as a front-border foliage item and especially patio pots. “This is excellent for container plantings,” one judge noted. Just three seeds will produce enough substance to fill a 14-16 in. container.

“The striking color of Coral Candy really caught the eye of our product manager Robin Ruether during the development phase. Her excitement for this plant propelled it forward in trials and its ultimate win with All-America Selection judges,” says Sarah Makiejus, Marketing Manager for PanAmerican Seed. “The industry will see this plant in person at our California Spring Trials event in March, and we are confident gardeners will enjoy this seed coleus, too. We can’t wait to see how they’ll style it in their outdoor living spaces this spring.”

AAS winners receive special promotions and recognition in consumer media through the organization. Be sure to include NEW Premium Sun Coleus Coral Candy in your spring assortment. Seed is available for immediate sales. Contact your preferred distributor to place an order.

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