Seed improver Incotec and Croda Crop Care, a supplier of tools and adjuvants for agrochemical applications, recently published a whitepaper on the legislation restricting the use of microplastics in seed treatments and what this means for the seed industry. The whitepaper provides detailed information on the restrictions and recommendations for seed companies and seed treatment developers.

On the right, Marta Dobrowolska

Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood, R&D Manager at Incotec, says: "Incotec and Croda have closely followed the legislative process and developed expertise in assessing whether products contain microplastics and in producing new microplastic-free alternatives. But this is an industry-wide challenge - we think it is very important to share our findings, and we call on the industry to work together to address this challenge."

The white paper 'A microplastic-free future for seed treatments' can be downloaded from the Incotec website here.

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