It’s that time of year when families start setting up Christmas trees, but you need to shop early and be prepared to pay more.

Casey Dembowiak is ready for the craziness of the Christmas tree season. The owner of Kellner Greenhouses in Milwaukee said he’s relieved that he got a full shipment of trees this year and believes they’ll sell fast.

“I definitely would get out there Thanksgiving weekend or the weekend after. Last year we were short on trees, and we are still a little short this year, but it was a 10-day season for us last year,” said Dembowiak.

Dembowiak said trees are in short supply. For the past few years, growers have over-harvested because of high demand. Wildfires on the west coast and a shortage of workers to harvest the trees have also had a negative impact on the supply.

“It doesn’t seem like anybody really wants to get out there and is enthused to work like they used to be,” said Dembowiak.

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