China will strive to build an innovation system for its flower seed industry by 2025, with annual flower sales reaching ¥300 billion (about $42.2 billion), according to a recent guideline. This was reported by The Xinhua News Agency.

The country will strengthen its germplasm resources data management, facilitate technological advancement in flower breeding, and enhance intellectual property protection in the flower industry, among other measures, according to the guideline jointly issued by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Jiang Zehui, head of the China Flower Association, said the guideline will facilitate the protection of germplasm resources, accelerate innovation in the flower seed industry and encourage flower-related consumption.

With demand for flowers rising over the years, China has become the world's major flower producer and consumer, as well as an important participant in the foreign flower trade.

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